Race. Reminisce. Repeat.

AHRMA National and Regional Coordinators

Our coordinators are volunteers who organize our events, water the tracks, lay out sections, and are our tireless leaders. If you have questions about an event, our would like to host and event, they can assist you.

AHRMA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator (IN, KY, MI, OH)

Dave Woolever
Phone: 740.571.6215
email: davewoolever2@yahoo.com


AHRMA National Coordinators

David Lamberth, Executive Director
Phone: (615)420-6435 office
Fax: (615)420-6438 fax
email: dlamberth@ahrma.org

Cindy Cowell, Roadrace Director/Membership Coordinator
Phone: (910)253-9738 office
Fax: (910)253-8313 fax
email: ccowell@ahrma.org

Fred Guidi, Director of Off-road Competition
Phone: (724)462-1854
email: fredguidi@gmail.com 

Debbie Poole, National Trials Coordinator
Phone: (415)889-4049 office
email: pooleschl1@hotmail.com

Matt & Ginger Hilgenberg, Communications Directors/Advertising
Phone: (530)830-0052
Fax: (530)878-3610
email: mhilgenberg@ahrma.org