Race. Reminisce. Repeat.

Here in the Great Lakes Region, we have many wonderful places to enjoy vintage motorcycling. Promoters and coordinators work together to bring riders great tracks and lots of fun.

Vintage Motocross

The mission of AHRMA Vintage Motocross is to preserve a particular time in the history of the sport of motocross. This time period may not be the very beginning of the sport, but marks the period of international recognition after WWII. It ended in the mid-1970s, and is considered to many around the world as one of the greatest eras of the sport. We want to show why this is said.

At the beginning of this time period, the machines raced were basic transportation-based models with slight modifications. They were raced over farmland settings with natural challenges. Higher speeds, terrain and off-camber turns provided the main challenges on these tracks that are typical of those used into the early ‘70s. Our era ends with the advent of specially designed racing machines on specially prepared tracks. The main things consistent during this time period were the amount of suspension travel and the technique used to race these machines on natural tracks.

Post Vintage Motocross

The mission of AHRMA Post Vintage Motocross is to showcase an innovative and  revolutionary period of MX racing. This relatively-short time frame is recognized as the beginning of the long-suspension-travel era of motocross which lasts to this day, and also the emergence of the American domination on the world racing scene. Machines of this era were purpose-built motocross racers which introduced many  technologies, from the very first long-travel suspension through to the advent of water-cooled engines and linkage-controlled rear suspensions found at the end of this exciting time in motocross.

These technological advances result in a motorcycle which has the ability to travel at incredible speeds over very rough terrain, and endure punishment that would have inflicted race-ending damage to earlier machines. These capabilities, coupled with advancing riding styles and techniques, dictated changes in the racetracks. Tracks became specially prepared, permanent-style circuits, which utilized some man-made obstacles in addition to natural terrain features. The Post Vintage era ends as we start to see the inclusion of Supercross-style obstacles in the tracks, and the inclusion of disc brakes and other advanced features from the factories as original equipment.

The primary purpose of AHRMA Post Vintage Motocross is to provide an appropriate place for these machines to be preserved and ridden by those who are interested in reliving the era, in addition to educating and exposing the history to those who may not have been participants the first time around. With careful attention to race track preparation, and to rules crafting, AHRMA is making certain that Post Vintage Motocross bikes will be enjoyed by its members of today and tomorrow.


Observed trials is a very significant part of historic motorcycle competition. It began as a wintertime sport for European enthusiasts, who tested themselves by tracing ancient Roman roads. These riders negotiated various obstacles along the way, all of which gave test to both man and machine. As the “gentleman’s sport” developed, such obstacles became more specific, and more challenging. From the 1980s until today, the obstacles presented to trials competitors have been inconceivable for most motorcycle riders.

AHRMA’s observed trials goal is to provide its members a safe, historically accurate environment to showcase and experience vintage machinery. The key to this enjoyment is the observed sections. From the 1950s into the ‘70s, sections were mainly composed of wide-open areas of challenging terrain, with the rider’s choice of line determining his/her success. Observed sections reminiscent of this era are critical in AHRMA’s representation of classic observed trials. With period-accurate sections, machines will remain true to their original concept, and the techniques required to ride them will do the same, enhancing the entire vintage trials scene. The trials-riding experience will undoubtedly result in good friends, good rides and good fun.